Wisdom Work for 6 February 2023

This week is DIY week for our Circle. Yes, Do It Yourself. Hahaha. Actually we have been doing some deep work and getting further into our Mindful Practices. Let’s take another Circle Cycle to embellish what we are already doing.

First, pick a theme or attribute:





Joy in Difficult Times


The Joy of letting Go

Loving Ourselves 

Connection with Others


The Joy of Being

Or another you may be wanting to work with

Let this theme permeate your life for this time.

Second, Choose an affirmation you wish to deepen your connection to your theme.

Louise Hay, and many others have written some classics already.  

Third, Choose a meditation that you would like to use throughout this time, or different ones if you wish.

When we gather again in two weeks, answer these questions:

What did you choose to focus on?

What was your affirmation?

What was your meditation?

What are you excited about?

What are you reading?

Share a poem you love.

Thank you everyone…I hope you will find this refreshing and deepening to what you have already been doing. I am traveling to Oregon with my “adopted” son and his husband, to visit his mother.  It will be a road trip for sure.  I don’t see me on the call since we will be in hotel rooms and peoples homes, but I plan to lead the call on February 6. I hope that will be alright with everyone?????

Also, let’s check in as we go through the next two weeks. It keeps us fresh and inspired. Thanks beautiful sisters, have a great day.

Sending love to all, C