Wishing… and Working On – Dreaming

It has been a long time since I have recorded a dream here. When I first started this site, recording my dreams was a large part of what I wanted to write here. To capture my extremely visual and detailed dreams.

I’ve been in the longest dream dry spell in my life. Looking back through this blog, the last dream I recorded was on March 9 – a year ago in 2022!!

Lately, I will wake up with a word in my head… some feeling that was there in a dream. Sometimes I wake up and feel that I was in a detailed life somewhere else – but have no active memories.

One morning a word was: Picnic.

Why? Did I go on a picnic? Was I hungry? Was I Regency Era dreaming about going on a picnic with Emma and Jane Austen? WTF?!?

Last week, I did have a dream – and only remembered it because I thought it was real! I was about to go snowshoeing, and remembered that I was looking for snowshoes for P; I went out to the garage(?), and went to the area of winter gear. There were two blue snowshoes that were P’s – I grabbed them, and then saw an antique wooden wicker snowshoe – only one. It was the snowshoe that I always imagined P Sr. having.

That was it. BUT IT WAS A DREAM.

One of my goals at this moment is to work on sleep and dreaming. This could be why I had a dream snippet…?

  • No liquids after 8pm
  • Reading with blue light filter on ereader
  • Don’t get in bed before 9:30 (read in study?)
  • Lights out at 10
  • Read only til 10:30
  • Telling my mind to sleep through to 5:30am or later

I’m also reading more about herbs, etc. that may be able to help. No nighttime tea for me! My lifelong problem has been that when I wake up – there is NO going back to sleep. Just a few days ago I woke up at 4:30. That was it, I tried and tried, but just laid there until it really was time to get up. So many mornings like this. I have no issues going to sleep, or waking up in the night… until it is almost morning. Hence the telling my mind that I cannot wake up before 5:30am.

Hopefully I will check back here soon – with an actual dream to record.