Wisdom Work for 16 January 2023

Hello Dear Sisters,

As I write this, a snowstorm that started in the night has just ended; the sun is out, and the clouds are fading; I can still see a dark angry grey to the north. We have more snow ~ almost 5 inches! What a blessing to come into this new year with so much moisture!!

We had a great call Monday and shared our gratitudes and desires/goals. A big word that we all mentioned was C L A R I T Y. I, for one, feel as if a fog has been lifted, and I can now see more easily right around me, as well as into the future. We are all looking forward to manifesting our dreams and goals this year. And of course, we are working hard to get there! No laziness for us Warrior Women (of course hibernation and rest is a must:-).

In doing some calendar planning, I found that January is Mental Wellness Month. When your mental health is in a good state, it is called, “mental wellness.” It means that your mind is functioning as it should be and that you can function in positive ways in your life. Mental wellness is the result of you investing in your mental health. It takes work to get to and sustain – similar to achieving your goals.In Circle This Week

Let’s take a look at our Desires and Goals that we have been working on through the lens of mental wellness. On your list, is there something that has been a roadblock for you in the past? Anything that you have had on goal lists, but have not yet been able to accomplish?

Take a look at a goal or desire that seems difficult, or at times, almost impossible. Look at this goal from different perspectives; is there an underlying factor stopping you from attaining this goal? For example, if a goal was to lose weight – and you’ve had this weight to lose for quite some time – take a look at all the different reasons why you haven’t tried or haven’t succeeded in losing weight. Maybe you overeat/binge eat during stressful times. Maybe you don’t have a routine you like for physical health.

Is it possible that you have set this goal in expectation of what the world wants? Or, is it possible that you have had problems with this goal in the past is because something internal is stopping you? These two reasons, and many others, can stop us mentally getting to where we want to be. Our brains and emotions have thrown up some kind of roadblock, and will not let us accomplish tasks that we need to do to reach our goals. 

Identify the mental source of what is stopping you, and make an action plan to overcome it. This is all about baby steps – and just getting out there and doing it. Using our example above, if you overeat, maybe plan to have only healthy snacks around when you are stressed. Or, map out a new routine that works for you. Is a 30 minute workout stopping you? Try doing something every day for only 10 minutes!Some ideas:

  • Get to know yourself
  • Understand what you can change and what you cannot change
  • Understand what your strengths and weaknesses are and build from there
  • Develop awareness of your feelings and needs
  • Set mental health goals that are achievable and have established time parameters
  • Cultivate a healthy and balanced life
  • Avoid things like alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit drugs
  • Make time for the relationships in your life
  • Volunteer in your community
  • Give yourself a budget and avoid overspending 

When we get together on our call Monday, we will share our experiences with goals, desires, and mental wellness.