Wisdom Work for 9 January 2023

Good morning dear Warrior sisters. Bravo! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished on your spiritual journey. Review that which has transpired this last year alone. Let’s take time now to get really serious. Let’s be very clear about what you want to create in this life and how to be most successful and accomplishing this goal.

Begin with writing out a list of gratitudes.

Then make a list of which you desire to attain. It can be one or two specific goals or many ideas to work on. I believe it’s best to keep it simple. Use all the tools you’ve developed to serve your Highest good. Stay determined to release that witch no longer serves you.

Use a calendar to schedule appointments with yourself. Take as much time as possible for these dates to devote focused attention and keep the momentum of moving forward your goal. Be specific and show up for your life’s plan. Use your affirmations in this pursuit of manifestation.

I am willing… it is possible… I choose to…My desire is..I am able… You get the idea.

When the negative, contradictory, self depreciating thought patterns surface – and they will – Remember who you are! Redirect yourself back to the powerful flow of your goals. Breathe, Go into your heart cave, get outdoors, use your affirmations. Whatever it takes to hold yourself accountable and to strengthen your resolve.

You may ask yourself where are you headed? What do you want? What are you willing to do to make this transformational shift.

Please check out this post and enjoy the activity. It might take a minute; but trust the process ☺️

List of Gratitudes

  • Health
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Warm, dry, comfortable home with plenty of food
  • Capacity to plan, work, and follow dreams
  • My senses, so I can feel
  • My heart, so I can love
  • My body, so I an do
  • This planet Earth
  • Art

List of What I Desire to Attain

  • Passion
  • Ease
  • Simplicity
  • Sleep and Dreams
  • “Enough”


I am willing… to work hard, to try new things, to experiment, to examine myself

It is possible… to manifest my dreams

I choose to… carry on. I choose life.

My desire is… this year to put the guesswork behind me and set the framework of success for the future.

I am able… to accomplish future tasks by picturing the end result and planning baby steps backward,

Other Questions

Where are you headed? I am clarifying my business goals and I am so excited for the future! I am also working on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness (for myself this time, not for “Mancos Wellness Talks”, and am focusing on Spirituality at this exact moment.

What are you willing to do to make this transformational shift? Basically anything! I am a researcher and reader, so right now I am exploring routines and scheduling.

From Maria Shriver’s Sunday Newspaper:

I’m choosing to live in my power, not shrink from it. I’m choosing to stand in my light and not veer towards the darkness. I’m choosing to be hopeful about my own journey and the future of my country. I’m choosing to look for the good in others.

I have entered 2023 with a renewed passion for life. I am determined to feel alive, live out loud, and make the most out of every day and every relationship that I have.

Live Out Loud, By Maria Shriver January 07, 2023