Wisdom Work for 19 Sept 2022

Good Morning, Sisters

Our Wisdom Observation and Activity for this week is two fold and titled, “Non Attachment and Random Acts of Kindness.”

Non Attachment comes up a lot at our Self Realization Temple’s sermons. I’ve been observing it in myself for quite some time. I seriously am unable to use my rational mind for thinking or talking myself out of attachment. hahaha. The teaching in Ram Das’ statement below really helped and then knowing Grace is available as we slowly change and evolve.

We talked about attachment on our call on Monday, and saw how it is directly related to going with the flow. I’d like to continue our flow series with just observing attachments and non attachments and how they fit into the Flow of your life this week.

The second part of our Wisdom activity has to do with random acts of kindness. Is it related to attachment ? Maybe in a way…but it has been on my mind a lot lately. Each yoga class my teacher tells us to go out in the world and spread good, kind, loving vibrations and EVERY day do one act of random kindness. I had a special opportunity at the verizon store to do one act of kindness to a 90 year old man who was completely confused about how to use his phone. It was going to be a long wait. I offered him my seat, and then Mark stood up so I sat beside the gentleman. His son just dropped him off. Anyways, from that one thing, so many wonderful things transpired.  It felt so good to reach out and be a support to someone. The energy spread around and I ended up with a 50 dollar discount on my ear buds…so funny (was it related???hehehe dunno) Id like to share the fun this week. Let’s intend each day to raise the vibration on the planet through random acts of kindness. I know we all do this, but we have been noticing when we focus on the Wisdom Activity, new awarenesses appear.

1. Observe attachment and non attachment in your life flow this week. Any new awareness there or surprises?

2. Set forth the intention to be available for a random act of kindness each day….what was your experience?

Thank you everyone. Enjoy! I love you, C

Oh PS…this may end up a two weeker. We know M will be out next week. Does anyone else already know they might be out? Its open right now.

Water, when it flows downstream, doesn’t have a model of what it’s doing. It’s just being water, and water floats downstream, because that’s how water works. The thing that is extraordinarily hard for any of us to truly realize and to have sufficient faith to accept, is that if you stop having views, having models, planning, desiring, organizing, and structuring, it’s all right.

You don’t stop your desires as long as you stay in a human body. You break the identification with them. Thats all thats required.

It isn’t necessary to give up a thing. It’s necessary to give up attachment to the thing. That’s all that’s required.