Wisdom Work for 5 September 2022

Thank you sisters, for such an amazing and inspiring call last evening. As Carol said, “Sisters, we are growing!!”.

I saw the following quote today, another reminder to go with the flow:

We waste our energy and exhaust ourselves with the insistence that life be otherwise.

~Frank Ostaseski

Going with the flow taught us all many lessons. When we go with the flow, many times we are brought to the moment. We realize that our feelings or desires may not be so important, after all. Or, we may realize they may mean everything!

What if we keep on going with the flow a bit, and take a look at our feelings and emotions this week?

The word ‘happiness’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

~Carl Jung

Eight Primary Emotions

  1. Anger: fury, outrage, wrath, irritability, hostility, resentment and violence.
  2. Sadness: grief, sorrow, gloom, melancholy, despair, loneliness, and depression.
  3. Fear: anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, dread, fright, and panic.
  4. Joy: enjoyment, happiness, relief, bliss, delight, pride, thrill, and ecstasy.
  5. Interest: acceptance, friendliness, trust, kindness, affection, love, and devotion.
  6. Surprise: shock, astonishment, amazement, astound, and wonder.
  7. Disgust: contempt, disdain, scorn, aversion, distaste, and revulsion.
  8. Shame: guilt, embarrassment, chagrin, remorse, regret, and contrition.
    All other emotions are made up by combining these basic 8 emotions.

Wisdom Work/Play – Choose one, all, or none as it suits you! Please share what you are comfortable with on our call next Monday.

  • When something happens that forces us to change, or to have to go with the flow, take a moment to determine exactly which feeling or emotion you are experiencing at that moment. After you have had some time to go with the flow, which emotion appears? On the surface, I usually I found that I was able to let things go easier, and peace followed. When I went deeper, and examined my feelings in the moment, I had to pause. This pause gave me time to reflect. My internal stories started to break down. Once I understood the emotion that I was dealing with, I could see where my judgment was clouded; I could see that I did not have to be angry when I was really fearful. I could forgive where I didn’t know I felt guilt.
  • Write in your journal about the emotions that we may be able to associate with going with the flow.
  • You can also delve into other emotions as they arise this week, if you would like to explore emotions and their triggers.
  • I found a great article that lists different lists of emotions ~ fascinating! Visit here: https://www.medicinenet.com/what_are_the_27_basic_emotions/article.htm. Just in case you need more lists or more words to describe that feeling…. 🙂
  • Where do you waste your energy and exhaust yourself with the insistence that life be otherwise? Everywhere! I found myself resisting things even when I didn’t need to. I railed at what I don’t have.  I yelled at myself for not being enough. What I was able to do through this practice was pause and reflect. This brought me back to the moment and let me shed other stories and misconceptions. 

I loved this work and really ran the gamut of emotions. I feel like I know on a deeper level what emotions are…..

Somehow, I feel like I’ve grown a lot in the last two weeks, and almost the opposite, like I’m new and looking at things from a different perspective.