Wisdom Work for 22 August 2022

I am a planner, I enjoy making lists and the good feeling that comes when I check off each completed task. I want to control and have all my ducks in a row. And along with this part of my personality I can become obsessed with time management.  I like routines and what’s familiar. We have all received the powerful benefit of making a goal a reality with our focused Intention.

Yet more recently, I’ve been listening for direction in life and allowing myself to change things up without getting frantic or judgemental about it. After all, nothing is really made in cement and that’s OK. I’m sure that each one of you, on your travels, have been inspired to take a different route than you had originally planned. Perhaps that choice brought you unexpected delights, maybe it was even a little uncomfortable, or you learn something wonderful in the process. Lately, however, I’ve been more spontaneous and present in the moment. I’ve had to release some of my expectations for the future and be more flexible with time limitations. It has been developing a growing trust in the Divine plan for me, and for everything in life, and I relate to it as going with the flow. It has encouraged me to let go of some fears, perceptions, attachments, and to slowly adapt to the process of non-resistance to change.

Soo, what does Going with The Flow represent to you?

How do you feel when your plans get “interrupted”?

Are you willing to change your trajectory with ease?

Can you share an experience when the “altered” plan was even more enlivening than the original plan?

Give these ideas a little thought, keep it simple and go with the flow 🙂