Wisdom Work for 15 August 2022

Life is too darned short to live in a mediocre way.
Wake up with a purpose and make the best of each day and your short time on this earth.

Stop saying “I’ll do this when I have more money”, or “I’ll start when I’m more settled.”

Stop making excuses.

What if I told you,

that all you need is what you have right now.

All you need is to just make a start.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 50,

tomorrow morning wake up with a purpose.

Always give your best and live your best life.

Don’t let the years just pass you by,

because we don’t get another chance.

This is it.

  • Author Unknown

From RAWR Mental Health Services.

I invite you to a Wisdom Inquiry for this week.

  • Where are you living in a mediocre way? I definitely slumped into mediocrity in most areas of my life this summer. I base a lot on the fact that we couldn’t do a lot with J17’s injury, and while that is certainly true, I slumped. I found it difficult to get work accomplished with everyone’s summer schedules and never got into my groove there. C15 worked all summer. JR12 played video games; so did injured J17. P & I didn’t really do anything fun just ourselves. I fell out of my yoga and meditation practices (such as they were, anyway). I felt like a lot of the summer was simply going from one place to the next – getting things done, yes… but.
  • Where are you making “excuses”? Most places.
  • What real steps can you take to wake up with purpose and follow through? This one will be a little easier for me as of the 15th – the kids start back to school. I can look at my calendar, and know the day is mine from 7:30 – 4.
    • Meditate – right after P leaves for work [Spiritual & Emotional]
    • Morning Get Outside – after kids leave for school – walk, even if it is just around the island. Bring Bilbo as much as possible, so he can get exercise, too. [Physical]
    • If the weather is icky and I can’t take as long of a walk as I’d like: yoga, treadmill, bike [Physical]
    • Duolingo/Italian. [Intellectual]
    • Write something every day, preferably here; journal if I need to feel the pen. [Emotional & Intellectual]
    • Review the to-do list – daily and monthly overall [Emotional]
    • 10 minute break EVERY HOUR. Stretch, walk around. Hug the Dog. [Emotional & Physical]
    • Make any meetings or outside the house work appointments for after lunchtime. [Emotional, Financial, Social]
    • Weekends obviously can deviate depending on what we are doing. When time allows, I’d love to throw in some spiritual reading and some diy/herbal/creative/art projects.
  • How do you feel after accomplishing this? I have to say, I feel good just writing this down. As I mentioned, perfect timing for me with kids starting back to school today. Instead of feeling like the day’s tasks are running me – I have much more focus. I especially like that I am keeping my mornings open – a more productive time for me, and scheduling things in the afternoon (gets me out and about during my least productive time).

Play, have fun and dig deep. Thanks for taking this journey with me. I am retiring to the Heart Cave to ponder these things. That is my special place, the Womb of the Mother. So grateful we are on this journey together.