Wisdom Work for 18 July 2022

This powerful Warrior Womens Circle we are in has been incredibly enriching! Each of us has transformed by participating in the weekly activities. These last few weeks have been especially empowering. It’s so beautiful that we can come together and safely share our experiences.

C  “Discovered a new way of looking at everything as she turned to the loving energy of the Divine Mother, more and more with every breath.” She became the image of the lotus and was able to draw her feelings. “Self-love means showing up for herself every day in every  way.” Love has opened her up to receive all the love coming to her  in every moment.

As M committed to communing three times a day, she was healed of many imbalances. She “Loved being bathed in the Immense Light” as she connected with the Divine Mother. And as she delved into the self-love activity, she “Had an awakening” of the internal , transformation love was bringing to her. She recognized it as “The sacred energy of her core.”  Now she is fearlessly moving forward in her own free time..

V had a revelation and she shared that “Her eyes had been opened””She knows the Divine mother lives within her! “The self – love activity has increased the awareness of her genuine self. She is no longer just going through the motions of life externally. She is embracing “The bigger picture of love in her life.”

I, S, discovered  it’s not so much about your birth mama, but about that universal ,creative, life force within us all that we call the Divine  Mother. I am grateful for all the sisters, Saints, teachers, aunties who speak to us from her grace. Love is the building block of life and the eternal cosmic energy of the Divine. It is ever present and can never be quenched. It’s the healing salve for all infirmities. And self – love is the gift that supports our transformation.

Observing all these wonderful insights and shifts we’ve made, I can’t help but wonder where we will go from here ! We are all teachers in this life: at home, at work, with our neighbors, family, complete strangers and more.

Some questions have surfaced that I would like to explore:

1) Who am I?

2)How can I show gratitude for the gifts I’ve received?

3) What obstacles, do I need to overcome to let my heart love shine brightly?

4) What is my purpose in life?

5)What would it take for me to be in complete alignment with all the astrological influences?

6) How can I share the love of the Divine Mother with others?

Please set aside time to reflect on at least one or more of these questions. Or maybe other inquiries have surfaced that you want to investigate! Please be prepared to share your discoveries next call.