High Speed Water Drifting

Last night, I was driving with my oldest, JP. I had an old double cab pickup (not a dually), and I was driving.

We were headed down to Farmington to visit JP’s grandparents at their rural road house. It was very overcast, and had been raining; it is possible that is was even drizzling at this time.

As we drove down the country road, we neared the dreaded neighbor’s property – the fussy ones, the neighbors who always complained about anything and everything that all the other neighbors did. Whenever we came do visit, the grandparents always reminded us to drive very slowly – at least in front of this particular neighbors house.

Ahead, we could see that a large “pond” had formed in the road due to the recent heavy rain. The desert land couldn’t absorb all that water so quickly. This large body of water was too irresistible for drivers of an old pickup!

JP and I looked at each other with mirrored faces of glee; I stepped hard on the gas. We were doing something “bad” in front of the neighbors, and we were all in!

The truck sped up under the grey sky; the willows around us blew in the wind; faster and faster until we hit the pond… The tires hit the water with an explosive splash, the truck revved loudly.

Mid-splash, the truck started drifting; before we knew it, we were driving sideways, a wall of water outside the windows.

A spectacular sight we made outside – a fountain of water cruising down the road – right in front of the damned neighbors!

Inside, JP and I looked at each other again, silently grinning ear to ear, in the quiet, as we watched the water chaos all around us.

What a moment to share.