Wisdom Work for 2022.02.21

Spiritual – 3

Ego – 2

Livelihood – 2/3

Relationship – 3

Community – 3

Beliefs – 4

Financial – 2

Body Temple – 2

Michael Beckwith has a training called ‘Life Visioning Quest’ he begins it with two simple concepts. 1. The four stages of spiritual growth (chart one included). Please check them out & get familiar with the them.  And2. The eight life structures. These are the categories he chooses to hone in on ( chart two included). Make a copy of these charts for reference whenever necessary! Please explore these charts to help you honestly evaluate where you are in life today. He believes we vacillate between the four stages in any given structure. When one structure is less evolved it suck energy from the others & creates imbalance. However, in theory, when we are stabilized & in balance in all eight life structures, our lives become more harmonious, peaceful, and productive. Sounds simple huh 🤔 For this activity, consider where you are operating in each of the structures as you understand it. No judgement; it’s just a tool for self – evaluation. Which ones flow easily & which ones require more work to maintain balance? Which ones are you operating in stage #1, #2, #3,#4
1) Find 2-3 structures where you can direct your intention for your personal self-improvement this year. Write them down in your journal. Ego, livelihood, and body temple

2) Allow any steps in your awareness to be revealed to you. As you know, you’ve planted your seeds of intention; time to let them blossom.

3) How does this happen? In innumerable ways: when you sit daily to meditate, or maybe while walking in the forest, insight could come through your dreams, or perhaps a word from a friend, how about when your playing in your garden or at the beach , regular prayer… You get the idea – unlimited possibilities!!!Just be willing to open to your unique process of excellence; and jot down your realizations to share😍👍😊