Scary Supernatural Man

Last night’s dream was more of a nightmare. I did not wake up or start crying or screaming in the night, but it was terrifying, nonetheless.

I was at the library with my family and Kate V. K & I asked Midge if there was going to be a grand piano at the library, and M told us someone had just donated one. K and I went and sat down at the piano, and found some simple sheet music. As we started to play, a man approached M. They were talking quietly, when suddenly M cried out, “You stabbed me”, and crumpled to the ground. M had a small pinkish red wound on her stomach, and was holding her hand to it. The man ran off; we did not see a knife, or anything else that he could have used to stab her.

I ran to another part of the library to find help, screaming for anyone to call 911. I found a man that worked at the library talking to another patron. I grabbed his arm firmly and with pressure – I can still feel my right hand doing this. He was wearing a white oxford-type shirt and had a lanyard identifier around his neck. He looked at me, startled, and I said calmly, “There is an emergency at the library. Midge has been stabbed!”. We turned back towards the other room to go to M, and she was literally dragging herself across the floor towards us. We ran to her and got her on her back. I remember grabbing a pillow, and M said that pillow was too big. I found another (a smaller flat one like we the black ones we have on the sofa downstairs), and slid it under her head, mummering softly to M for support.

Then, I was with the family and we were looking for a place to either spend the night, or to rest and go to the bathroom. We got out of a car in a parking area; there was a short rock wall that cut into the side of a hill; there was a house towards the top. There were trees all over and leaves were changing color; some leaves were on the ground.

The Supernatural Man was there! Perry and I told the boys to stay in the car. At this point, P and I were up the hill, and had to run down to reach our car in the parking area. Another man appeared, closer to Supernatural Man. SM grabbed the other man and put his hand to the man’s stomach. He was stabbed, just like Midge. A light emanated from SM’s hand when he did this, and we knew that he had some kind of powers. Suddenly, Supernatural Man reached up to the other man’s head, and the face and/or the head was blown/melted off. We made it to the car, and took off.

Next thing I knew, we were back at the library; this time just P and I. We were seriously rocked by the recent events, and everyone in town was on alert for Supernatural Man. P was doing some tech work in the director’s office, which was a little different than in reality. On the west side, there was a glass wall and an added room which wrapped around the office. To the east, the wall was also all glass. An activity with kids was happening in the room to the west, maybe a safety preparation game? Kids were running around like a swat team and shooting out the windows. Helicopters or some flying things were landing, some were throwing smoke bombs. It wasn’t real; it was a simulation to help the kids prepare… for something.

I noticed a door in the glass on the east wall of the office. It had a wheel kind of opening device (almost like what is on a bank vault or on a door in a submarine), I started to say to P that the door was a new addition to the library, and wondered how this wheel-locking system made a glass fishbowl of an office safer than before. As I was saying this, two kids stumbled through the door, laughing. P & I shrugged, and that’s all I remember.