Driving Down to Town…

Last night’s dream was made up of a couple parts, but all on the way downtown.

I was driving from the Big House down to 135 with the boys. We passed Tom B’s house (which is in reality on a different road), when we saw a huge metal pole barn setup with tables and chairs for a party… Enough for a couple hundred people! It was the annual crawfish boil – yet this time, we had not heard anything about it. We were bummed and decided we didn’t need to be friends with them anymore. LOL

Then, we just before we made it to downtown, suddenly we were walking, and it just started POURING! We ran into some kind of business NW across the highway from downtown (which is not there in reality). I saw Patsy S and we caught up. There were other people we knew there, and the boys were talking to other people as well. After the rain let up, we went to walk across the highway crosswalk. There was a huge pile-up, a bunch of cars and trucks smashed and totaled. Apparently, the rain shower caused the road to be so slick that many accidents happened!