A Murky Night and Dougie Fresh in Florida

Last night I had two dreams. The first one is very murky… In my mind there’s a ramshackle house – almost like a shack. I was there with P, and I think the entire dream was in the dark. There were light bulbs from the ceiling that you turned on by pulling a string, and then the cabinet that the sink was set in had weeds growing through the bottom. I think one of the weeds though I actually picked and ate. That was tasty from what I remember, but the other ones were definitely weeds.

Then, someone was coming after us – but then it was almost like we turned into those people! I think then I was actually a man in the dream, so was P. There were a lot of dead bodies. Maybe we had to count them. Maybe we had to or were told to do it. I think we were told to get rid of a bunch of bodies but it also seems like some man was coming after us. That’s really all I remember.

The second dream was much more clear. I was down in Florida, with the family. P and C were doing something else at this exact time. I was in a car with J and J and Bilbo, and we are going to see my grandma down Peachtree Lane in Lake Placid. On the way there, just down the street, I remembered that Dougie Fresh had his carwash. I stopped in to say hi, and for some reason I asked J and J to hang out with Bilbo in the car instead of coming in with me.

There were a bunch of people milling about, waiting for their cars to be cleaned. I finally saw Dougie Fresh, and we started talking. I also saw a dog in the background, and he said he was also dog breeding. So he took me over to where he was holding in pens his stud dogs. There were about five or six dogs. The first one was huge. Of course I have no idea what kind of dogs any of these actually were. But the first one was huge. This second one was pretty big too and then it seemed like the other dogs were smaller. They were all adorable and he had big plans to stud them out and raise the litters and sell them.

Then I found out that BrandonS was staying with him and helping him with his carwash and the dogs. So we went up to the apartment that was over the business and Brandon wasn’t there at the time. And so Dougie, he and I were just talking. There was a bed that had a few books on it – Doug said those were Brandon’s (B was a big reader) and that Brandon had been introducing him to a bunch of new books. Actually, I think the bed was Doug’s and he was reading all these books he borrowed from Brandon. Dougie Fresh got called away and I sat down I started reading one of the books; I became totally engrossed in the book and almost forgot the boys were down in the car with Bilbo. Dougie Fresh came to the aprtment and asked if I could do him a favor, which was to take a bunch of the books back in the car, I guess back to Mancos. I said yes. And before I knew it, I was pulling around a wagon full of books. Down in the lobby. Lobby, I guess. I saw BrandonS and we said hi to each other. I said I was taking all of his books back. And then there was another relative of Brandon’s there. And we chatted as I walked out the door, pulling the wagon full of books to take back to my car. And that was all.