Wisdom Work for 20 September 2021

Surrender and Heart Centered Living

Good morning sisters. What a call last night. Everyone is Healing!
It was put on my heart yesterday that Surrender was possibly the next topic. I usually google the word for info. In my answers last night I mentioned that humility and surrender were key to my service and “shining the light.” The surrender part was because I noticed resistance.
I found a man named Douglas Bently talking on U tube about the Great Surrender and spiritual growth. “The vast amount of spiritual growth begins with understanding where to put your energy.”
He says we have a flow of thought….Our mind is trying to relieve our suffering through thinking of past and future and the Story you were talking about last night, Midge. There is a resistance to what is happening in the heart.and that is the SELF. Our mind is not the one that knows, The Great Surrender is the Life of the Heart. We aren’t here to war with the mind or Self, but to move into the heart and feel the feelings that are there, without judgment. The Great Surrender is learning to pay attention to the feelings in the heart. So this next two weeks:

  1. Pay attention to how you feel.Give yourself total permission to FEEL what is there. Live a life of feeling, not fighting it anymore, dive in without judgment and BE.
  2. Notice if there is any change, release or difference. Are you feeling more Love? less resistance?
  3. What does heart centered living mean to you?

I’m excited about this experiment…don’t know where it will take us for sure, but i think it could be fun! Sending love to all, Carol

My initial thoughts – first day. I find the idea of Surrender to be a bit scary. As humans in this age, we are very focused on CONTROL. Everything must be in its place, arranged, planned, and wrapped neatly with a bow. HOW do we surrender? Heart centered living intuitively seems easier. I know that LOVE is all; however, again, as humans, we get caught up in the day-to-day – get caught up in CONTROL. As is Carol, I am excited about this experiment…