Dreams are Returning…

Thank god. I have been more conscious of my routine, trying to treat my body better, as well as looking at “bed time” for longer sleep. I am getting on average 6-7 hours of sleep a night, and this seems to be helping. There are mornings when I wake up and know that I’ve dreamed, but do not always remember what they are. Sometimes it is a feeling. Others, it is snatches of dreams.

Like the morning I awoke, knowing that I had been on the outskirts of a city – and could see clouds and haze in the distance over the city. Suddenly, the shadow of Godzilla flew through the haze, down to the city from above, almost like he was jumping out of a plane. There was another shadow that flew down, then another. One of these was King Kong. I could hear the cries of Godzilla and knew that a battle was taking place.


What was this dream? Where did it come from? What was I doing on the edges of a monster battle zone? No other clues were remembered.

BUT! I’m starting to dream and that is the important thing.