A Dictator, an Assassination, and a Radio

WooHoo! Dreams are coming back!

What a dry spell. I guess after moving to the Big House, my sleep & dream patterns have been disrupted, along with high stress, grief, etc. I’ve been making a conscious effort (and limiting any other substances) to get more and better sleep. Recently, I have been waking up knowing that I dreamt, but could not remember anything more. Now, dreams are starting again – and this one was like dreams of old. Multiple storylines – and VERY vivid.

The first one, the only thing I remember is speaking with Elecia SB. She smiled with her large blue eyes and laughed. I remember feeling happy.

In the next dream, P and I were staying in an old house. I have had this house in a previous dream, but I had not seen this portion of the house before. Our room entered into a bedroom, with a large balcony under the eaves. The house itself is victorian, white with gingerbread and possibly some turrets. The view from the balcony looked out over the backyard, and a one-story projection of the house out the back side. I went through the interior door that was supposed to lead to another bedroom. In that second room, there was a wooden railing and stairs that led down. Leaning over the railing, I could see that the ensuite bathroom was down the stairs. I called out to P, who was still in the first room, that the bath was downstairs, and boy was it crazy! Come see! There were two bathtubs right next to each other, and they looked almost like a single jacuzzi tub – plastic avocado green with curves and jets.

Next thing I knew, we were in a different section of the house – walking down a murky and remote hallway. There was a downward staircase on the right, and a door on the left. The door led to the Dictator’s office. We peered inside, and the dictator was dead – assassinated by gunshot. We hightailed it back to our room when we heard shouts and people moving up the staircase. Time passed, and a new dictator was installed in the office. We knew that this new dictator was responsible for the assassination of the previous dictator. I couldn’t believe that he would use the same exact office! It turned out that the new dictator was having anxiety attacks. We just laughed and said, “wonder why?!?!?!!?”.

The last dream, I was working in an office space with semi-cubicle desks. While sitting at one, I could see two more down the row, as well as three desks behind me. I got up, ostensibly to use the restroom, and walked away – but then doubled back to see a co-worker head over to my desk and change the station on my radio. I couldn’t see her face; she had a blonde bob and a light grey turtleneck. It looked like Library Lisa somehow.