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2020 October 17

Sunday morning, we helped members of Opera Lafayette carry sets and other Opera belongings out of the Mancos Opera House. It has been a fun journey – from talking to Ryan Reddert years ago about the possibility of his Washington D.C.-based opera company performing in Mancos, and then hearing it was happening! – to the first scheduled performance being postponed due to COVID, to the performance being rescheduled for fall – up at the Reddert Ranch, outdoors, in front of one of the historic barns. (Ryan is a Menefee Reddert). Mr. JR11 got to play 5th grade xylophones in the student performance on Wednesday. Saturday, Perry and I got to go with our original tickets. We brought a bottle of wine and P made a meat, cheese and fruit picnic. The performance was incredible; I think the performers held back on Wed during the student performance. The acoustics were phenomenal and we had a great time!

Mr. C14 felt sick this week – headache, body ache, sore throat, nausea. He also threw up twice and lost his sense of taste… Wednesday, I took him to Animas Urgent Care. Tested for a bunch of stuff, including strep throat and covid. He simply “has a virus”. Rest, fluids, etc. Thank goodness! Last week, I also took C to the doctor – the foot doctor. He was diagnosed with flat feet, and was fitted for custom orthopedic insoles (got a pair of over-the-counter for C for the interim).

Also speaking with Dad this week about the house. He originally said yes to the idea of us moving in, and then after we told the boys, he is waffling on his decision. We had a good talk this week, and I am feeling now that Dad in some ways feels that he is staying in AZ for a bit – while Mom is secretly staying up at the CO house. Also, obviously, that it IS his house. Meanwhile, we have been looking at some houses for sale, nothing serious, but our rooms are just too small for the boys to share bedrooms. We need something else. We will see.

I got a huge shock this week. One of my dresser drawers suddenly would not close all the way. When I pulled the drawer out, to my surprise, I found an unopened 2019 birthday card to me from Mom. I dimly recollect that in ’19, I had been looking for something, like a card, for months. I must have originally put it in the drawer, and it slid out almost immediately, losing it until now. An immediate storm of tears, then I propped up the card on my dresser (where it is right now). After thinking, I have decided to open the card for my next birthday – which is my 50th. I know it is a regular card, no real message from beyond the grave, but I am now really looking forward to my birthday, and to opening this last gift from Mom.

On Friday, went for a hike with the boys up to the Simba Rock trail. Never made it to the rock, because we got sidetracked to one of the last remaining stands of golden aspen, to the south of the trail/road. The day was perfect, not a cloud in the sky, in the 60’s. I love hiking with the kids; the sun on our faces, smiles and laughter. We don’t talk about much, but somehow we never stop talking. They are getting so big now (J&C both taller than me now, just an inch or so), that sometimes I had to hustle to stay caught up. Calypso and Bilbo both came with us; Bilbo was only on the leash for a short time. He is learning from Clyp to stay in range of us, straying only within sight, and then coming back to us. We still worry about his hound nature, and that he will take off after a scent. Hopefully, the more he goes out with us and stays, he will continue. Besides chewing everything in sight, he is a great dog!

Also went to lunch with Indie at the ABC Bakery, then we met Midge at Deco Desserts. We had scheduled this for a couple of weeks ago (Perry and I ended up going to Santa Fe for our anniversary weekend) and I missed the grand opening. Midge and Indie were happy to go again, and now we have a standing date every two weeks for a dessert afternoon!