Wisdom Work for 21 September 2020

From Carol:

At Waning Moon half-lit it’s time to pause, breathe and centre. We  are called to re-balance, harmonize, and integrate (further supported by Merc now in Libra). It’s a time to sift, sort, shed what no longer serves, and reorient. Time to prepare to move inward and self-nourish in the feminine deep.

In Gemini she brings fresh Air, invites us to dance with the winds, and reminds us to breathe. Mental clarity is restored, we are more alert, and our minds are filled with wonder, amazement, new connections and powerful insights. Virgo Sun pushes us to be practical and grounded; Gemini Moon wants us to take to the Air, explore the stories of ‘between’ and open to new ways of finding balance. Sun and Moon unified help us ground our dreams and embrace new paths to creative well-being.

Earth energy is high (5 planets in Earth signs) and draws attention to practical daily tasks and details. The call to ‘get busy’ is powerful  (Gemini & Virgo are the busiest seasons) but the energy is also quite mercurial (Mercury rules both Gem & Virgo) so it’s important to go slow. We are likely to want/need more rest and time for reflection in any case (reinforced by 7 planets Rx) as we are strongly drawn to reassess and re-evaluate our undertakings; and to gain greater understanding of our desires and motivations (Mars-Rx). Fire energy (3 planets in Fire including naturally fire-y Mars) helps us tune to our passion and Earth energy helps us to stay on track and anchor our dreams. 

It’s time to tend our nests with Love and caring. Time to nourish mind, body and Spirit. Time to clear the way and make time and space for sacred, self-nurturing activity each day. Time to renew and dream into the feminine deep.

 We are in a season of busy and doing
It is also a time for deeply renewing

At waning Moon half-lit, let go and release
Enter into the realms of balance and ease

Seek in the space of between and
find the stories of Spirit dreams

Time now to shed that which has no place
and rest into the deepening graceNurture your Nature
with Love and Light


Wishing you cleansing release,
nourishing insights,
sweet tending, and
a lightness of Being this Moon

So this week:

  • Pause, Breathe, Center, Rebalance, Harmonize, Integrate, Ground, Balance, Sift and Re orientate. Time to move into inward self nourishing in the deep feminine.
  • Time to tend our nests with love and caring. Time to nourish body mind and spirit. Time to clear a way and make time and space for a self nurturing activity every day.
  • How did you self nourish this week?
  • Are you feeling the Autumn energies?
  • Is there any one thing that stood out to you?

All these words and ideas are from Fiona…Earth and Sky Wisdom.

My Answers: