Wisdom Work/Play for 14 September 2020

This week, try and stay focused on bodily feelings. Not judgement or improvement of self necessary. Just let your body feel, (this can be about anything! Something happy, sad, aggravating, etc., etc., anything!) and do nothing, just feel.

Grace comes to us in this state. Stay out of your mind, do not think things through. Just notice when, where and how your body responds to things this week. Notice what you body is feeling and where it is feeling it. Our goal is a deeper awakening and allowing grace to come to us.

Let’s notice when grace floods in to us this week. I am identifying grace for this week as the very ground of our being; the blessings that nourish and sustain us; the presence that transforms suffering into wisdom; a spiritually elegant way to walk through the world from a consciousness that is beyond this world.

  1. Very simply what did you notice your body telling you?
  2. Were you able to relax into the feelings or did you fight them?
  3. Where did you find grace flooding in?

At the beginning of the week, as I started noticing what my body was feeling, I turned into a bit of a hypochondriac… In the first few days, I was convinced I had ovarian cancer, perimenopause, and fibromyalgia. Too much googling (and Sept is ovarian cancer month). My mind was fighting back!

As the week progressed, I was able to turn my mind off and LISTEN. FEEL. My body told me that all was okay. Things are working. My body does its job and loves me for treating it well. I started appreciating all the things my body does for me, without complaint, day after day. When I wake up, my body sings the electric of a new day. My skin feels the cold, as well as the sun and warm breeze when I am outside. My body felt the warmth and love in an embrace with a loved one.

I remembered to breathe, and meditate more. I realized I had time. I felt more energy running through my body. I felt a lot of gratitude.