Wisdom Work for 7 September 2020

These last few weeks of activities have been incredibly empowering. I am trusting that each one of us is receiving more clarity and confidence in embracing our most Authentic Self. I feel that we are all extra blessed and expanding rapidly. As we discover what we will and will not allow in our experience – we grow more comfortable in maintaining our peaceful vibration. We are able to create exactly what we want in our lives!

I believe that each one of us is anointed with unique gifts.  As you allow yourself more genuine self-love, self-care, and self-sacrifice, your special gifts will naturally blossom. The opportunities are unlimited. Some of us have the gift of gab, or a green thumb, of hospitality, or of being a good listener. Others are easily filled with random acts of kindness, creativity, helping hands for the needy, or used for spiritual comforting. The list of gifts is endless and each one is as precious as all the others. No gift is too small or unworthy.

So, I implore you to treasure your uniqueness of expression. Actually You are the gift!!! Whatever gift or gifts you currently have or desire, are magnificent as are you. I think these special qualities are extended to you, so you may bring joy and light to all of the precious beings in your experience.

For this week, take time to explore all the gifts you possess.

  1. Which ones are more highly developed in you?
  2. Are there gifts you desire; but have not yet manifested?
  3. What gifts can be expanded to be of greater service to the evolution of this planet in these chaotic times?

I am sure you all have played with the gift activity. I just wanted to bring a little more thought to it.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They are like the CEO of our body which will respond to our thoughts; so basically your body will do what your mind tells it to do.

Then we have our subconscious mind. I have read that all our memories are stored in this part of our mind. Also all future possibilities of our creative essence is stored here as well.

We have been doing a lot of work with regards to manifesting what we want and learning to support this endeavor like: meditation, visualization, breath control, journaling, dream analysis, relaxation techniques and more.

Our lives are very complex and we are often overscheduled to the max. Time seems to work against us and our goals. The demands of everyday life and the chaos of this corona epidemic has added confusion and stress to this world. We have long “to do” lists and what seems to be unstoppable mind chapter. Worries from the past and anxieties for the future can also clutter our minds making it even more difficult to stay calm and present.

So for this investigation of our gifts I want to encourage you all to look for more ease in the process, make some space to explore and allow yourself the time to go deeper inward.

We are blessed with so many and varied gifts and I personally want to really enjoy them and share them with others.


My Answers:

  1. I try to be thoughtful, yet I feel that I could do better on action. As a positive realist, I work hard at making the vest of everything. I know that goodness in life can be shaped by our attitude; I work at positivity and happiness – for myself, and for others. This can be draining, and I am learning the signals of my body and mind when it is time to recharge. I am good at writing, yet do not take the time to write. I read a LOT! I am a great cook, yet a terrible housekeeper. I am a good worker. I am a good organizer. I hate clutter, and can remove it at work – but I am terrible with clutter piles in my house (I think mainly because I do not have storage inside the house. Need to really work on getting rid of things.) When I say I will do something, I do it, and do it to the utmost of my ability. I do my utmost best to not say things I do not mean. I am not competitive, yet I push myself – against myself – very hard when I want to complete something, whether it is physical or mental.          I thought I was a good mother until we had our third child, and I have been struggling with this ever since. I was having a lot of anger issues, and he is so different than our first two; I turned into a screaming maniac! I feel that I’ve worked out most of the anger now; I do not have anger surrounding the circumstances – maybe this was also anger at the lack of control about the circumstances? Regardless, the anger has melted and I am starting to feel like my old “mommy self”. Now, the kids are growing and 2 of them are teenagers, which brings on a whole new set of parenting skills. This group of skills does not come as naturally to me as being a mama to younger children. Some days I hit it right, and it feels so good!! I feel like I give a lot to my family, but then I really feel like I have been falling short of giving to the grandparents after my Mom passed. She really had a spark of life in her that made me want to do better, always. Now I don’t have anyone to brag to, or to live up to. I really miss that, so very much.
  2. Now, I want to be that “spark” for my family. To help make life exciting for them, to make things special. I want to improve my time management skills to find time for all that I want to do. I wish to be an herbalist. I wish to design and make jewelry. I wish to be a farmer. I wish to share DIY items that you do not need to buy at the store. I wish to coordinate and host women’s retreats. 
  3. I would like to expand any skills that can help people realize that there is more to life than what our modern times tell us there is. Life is NOT about making money or having power, or even being “successful” in the view of the rest of the world. There is so much more than living the life of the American Rat Race. Life can only be what we make of it; our “success” should be what makes us happy – and contribute to the happiness of the others that are in our lives. There is so much stress, anger, and desire for more in this world and I would love to help people understand what really is important in life.