A Librarian, a Bagel, and Our Old Babysitter

I was in the kitchen with the boys one morning. I realized that Jenkins (The Librarians [TV], John Laroquette!), was leaving. I told the boys, “Oh! I have to give Jenkins his bagel!!” Pushing them out of the way, I ran out of the kitchen and caught Jenkins leaving the building.

Next thing I know, we were on the side of the road, talking to some other people. We had a small table and two chairs on the roadside. It was a sunny day, clear skies. I looked across the street, and saw that I had left my coffee on a shipping container. I ran over, had to jump on a tree stump, and then came up to the top of a wall. Right in front of me, sitting under a shady tree, was Emily G, with one of her kids. We looked each other right in the eyes; I said, “HI!”, and that is all I remember.