All I Can Say is That These are Weird Dreams…

I had three dreams last night…

The first dream, I was helping a male law enforcement officer. We scaled a large office type building in the pitch black of night. We came onto a very large balcony – more like a wraparound thing around the whole office building, and apprehended a ‘bad guy’. For some reason, the officer with the bad guy went ahead, and I said, “Yes, you go, I’ll make it down slower”.

I walked around part of the balcony, looking for stairs to go down inside the building to exit. I saw a security guard, it was a woman, she had her own desk outside. I told her what had happened, and then I needed to exit the building. She then said she would exit with me, and next thing I know she had basically kidnapped me, and took me to her house. It was interesting because the house itself was like Grandma Petersen‘s house. I was staying in the grandma’s yellow guest bedroom with the two single beds at the NW corner of the house. Many things were the same, but it was this other woman’s house. There was another police man there, I think he kind of looks like Agent Snow from ‘Person of Interest’… And I knew he was a bad cop. They were going to do something to me. I realized that my kids were there… I needed to tell them to be quiet, so that we could escape. Of course they wanted to do more playing and goofing around, and I was getting very frustrated. Somehow I got a hold of my friend that was the good cop from earlier in the dream, and we were able to break out with his help.

In the second dream I was cleaning the basement with the kids (interesting as we are doing this IRL). This basement had one big room with taller ceilings than our real basement. We had gotten all the junk out already except for the things we were keeping down there. We needed to rearrange everything. There were some bicycles, and a weird little kind of four wheeler type thing. There were chairs, a doll house, and other odds and ends.So, the dream ended with us just basically getting everything arranged nicely down in the basement.

The third dream I was working at some outdoor almost Chamber of Commerce type business. I had a little kiosk, and it seems like we were selling Christmas trees… Of course I always had to go and help customers, but I had to do a lot of work on my computer. Pam K roll was there, and she kept asking me questions, mainly about a flyer that I had designed.

After helping some customers, I came back to the kiosk to ring some people up, and I noticed that there was a USB drive in my computer, and someone else’s music was playing. I helped the customers, and then turned my attention to the computer. Meanwhile Pam K roll was trying to tell me that she liked the second design of my flyer better than the first one. I remember thinking that I didn’t want to have to print anymore out for her, because my printer was low on ink. Then I noticed that the music bar on the computer had a name up over the song name and the musician name. It was Pam’s username! I asked her why my computer was playing her music, and she looked all flustered. That was the end of the dream.