Wisdom Play for 24 Feb 2020

Last two weeks we were working on “no more apologies”, working through something we may have done wrong (by our own measures, or someone else’s). This work of self-forgiveness can be difficult to work through, especially when we all have levels of perfectionism in us.

Progress is greater than Perfection. While progress is measurable, perfection is never possible. We’ve got to throw off the lies that perfection tempts us with and find ourselves knowing that with ever-growing progress is 100% okay. We are human, and will all the love and goals and planning – we are imperfect.

Instead, let us focus on GRACE. We can ‘fuck up’ all the time ~ just learn from that! We have negative emotions ~ that is good; feel them, and move on. We fall down ~ pick yourself up (again. and again).

Give yourself grace.

When you’re doing hard things.
When you’re going through change.
When you’re noticing old patterns creeping back in.
When you don’t feel like you showed up at your best.
When you’re lost in the whirling dervish of busy.
When your heart feels heavy.
When your mood feels flat.
When you pick a fight for no reason.
When you lose your temper.
When you make a mistake.

When you are having a very human experience, give yourself grace. Grace looks different for everyone and at it’s core is ease. That feeling when your whole body exhales and things don’t feel as tightly wound as they did a moment ago. Grace can look like focusing on 1 thing each day that you’re proud of, to combat the voice that tells you you didn’t do enough. Grace can look like listening to that quiet whisper of a voice that says go for a walk, even though you’ve got an inbox full of email. Grace can look like taking time to just be, instead of trying to overthink every. single. thing. Grace can look like letting yourself splurge, even though you’re being financially conscious. Grace can look like a day of indulging in silly movies and bad TV. –Lara Heacock, 2018.

Wisdom Play~ Let’s Give Ourselves Some Grace

This week, you can continue if you’d like the process of NO APOLOGIES. It may take a lifetime of work on this to unlearn all those times we feel the unnecessary and compulsive need to say, “I’m sorry”. Give yourself some grace, and listen to your body and mind.

Do something you know you need to do. I found a great list of self-care ideas ~ but rather than copy and paste a huge long list, please follow this link, and choose one, two, three or more.

  • In what ways did you Give Yourself GRACE?
  • What happened when you followed your gut/instinct/intuition and practiced GRACE?
  • Did you feel guilty at any time this week for practicing GRACE?
  • What are you doing about the things that matter most in your life?