Two Traveling Dreams

In the first dream I had, Christina and Jeanette and I were staying down in New Orleans together. One day we came back to the hotel room, and there were two hotel employees in our room… They were looking in a hiding place, or maybe the hotel in room safe… For their marijuana. We were like why are you in a room? They told us. Then I asked them if they were going to give us some… They were like, “no way!”. Then we kicked him out of the room.

The second dream I had, I was away for a romantic getaway with Perry, I think at some kind of Ute hotel. We had just checked into the room, and we were just getting settling settled in. Before we went out and did something else. Perry turned on the TV, and we were walking around the room, putting things away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something moving on the bed. There were 1 million bags! They almost looked like ants, but different, of course in a dream they didn’t really look like any kind of bug I could say now. They were literally hundreds of them. I remember I kept trying to take pictures to show the hotel staff, so we could get moved to a new room, one without bugs. I couldn’t get Perry‘s phone to work, then I was trying to find my phone, all the while yelling at the bugs to stay where they were, so I could take a picture. I then felt like I had bugs on my neck… Did I end up sitting on the bed? I was so mad!

When I first woke up, I felt like there were bugs all over me, so mad, and feeling very frustrated that I never actually got a good picture of the bugs.

When I really woke up, I realized my neck hurt so bad. I must’ve slept really weird. Now I know why I felt like I would have the bugs crawling on me around my neck – at the end of the dream and when I first woke up.