Wisdom Work for 3 Feb 2020

I am frustrated with Joshua because he overreacts to things we would like him to do.

I would like him not to cry or sigh every time either Perry or I ask him to do something.

I would tell him to take a deep breath and see if his over reaction is worth getting us angry, and then getting in trouble

I need for him to not think we are the bad guys all the time.

I think he is a whiny crying baby when he overreacts.

I don’t ever want him to think badly of me when we are trying to teach ihm life skills. I don’t want him to turn into a deviant because he wants to rebel against us later when he gets older.

Turnaround. It is true. I then also overreact, and get upset too easily. If I didn’t get so angry, I would be more peaceful, and could probably talk to him better about what I need him to do.