Alone, Helpless & Grieving

In last night’s dream, my mom had also passed away in the dream… Then, my dad left somewhere, and I was there left to do everything after the funeral. Basically with the house, I mean. Although, of course, the house in the dream was not their house in real life…

I remember standing in the bedroom, which I think my mom have been sick in for a while before she passed (the bedroom was on the first floor, so that must be why I thought she was sick for a while… moved downstairs), thinking that this wasn’t her bed. It was almost like something out of the 50s, with a white headboard and matching furniture, with a gold edge to detail… In this modern day, she never would have had that bed… I had to get rid of all the furniture, because I think my dad was selling the house? So I had to do all this work, and the basic part of the dream was I just felt so alone, helpless, all with such grief.

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