Apocalypse & Dystopian Living

My dreams last night were very varied, detailed, and rich. I started out driving towards a city, I was pretty much who I am now. There was a storm and a lot of water on the road, all of a sudden a lot more water started coming, I was like whoa! I was on some kind of freeway elevated ramp, with other ramps all around. Then, a huge tidal wave came at me. It was just taller than the car. It splashed over my car and then all hell broke loose. People were stranded everywhere… I was stranded. There was someone on the side of the ramp helping me, maybe they were city workers? There were two of them. They were trying to get my car fixed so I could continue. It seem like it took a long time, and I think that they did get it started up again. And I think the car was my old maroon Lumina!

Next thing I remember though, I don’t think I was driving, I was in like a helicopter or something and I was driving or flying down the road. All around me was the bluest of blue water. The sun was shining and everything looked new and clean. All these buildings were sunk into the ocean; some were poking out of the top of the water, but it looked like most of the city was underwater…

Then the earthquakes started happening. I could see the water shooting up in the air where the earthquake was happening.

Then I cut to the next scene abruptly. I was in the woods, at first it was like an apocalypse. No one was around but me, and maybe two or three other people. We found this place in the woods; it looked like it had been a resort type place, or maybe a bathhouse. People’s belongings were all over, like they had left them in a hurry, their clothes, purses, everything.

I found a young girl that I started helping to raise, because she was an orphan. We became very close. During my time at that resort/bathhouse place (we had been living there for a while) I knew I had to get into this battle with this Kylo Ren type man… We started fighting at my residence, and then he didn’t have his light saber. I told him I’d meet him out in the woods. Then of all things I got my period, I didn’t have anything, because it was the apocalypse… So I started looking through people‘s purses, found things, suddenly there were a few more people there; it seemed like there were a few more kids, and a few adults. I think there were older women.

The older women said they would give me a ride – they didn’t know where I was going, but they knew I was leaving. I said to drop me off at a certain place, then it was like it was the Methodist Church… But not the one here in Mancos. However, when we got there, I did see Kate K And Craig P carrying some items into the building. I told the older ladies that I wasn’t going in, and they should drop me off a few blocks away. They asked me why, and I made up the story that I saw someone there that I didn’t want to see, so I had changed my mind. They are agreed and we started driving away.

The next thing I remember, I was not in the words ready to fight the light saber battle, but I was in my own kitchen, sitting at the island, going through a gift of jewelry that I was going to give someone. While I was going through that gift, the box turned a bigger, more like a jewelry box, and there were some pieces of my own jewelry in there – jewelry I had made. I decided I need to investigate this box more, to make sure that I was really giving the gift that I wanted. The more I looked the more jewelry there was in there so I started taking things out.

The last thing I remember, I was taking out my mom’s wedding ring. Then I started getting stressed, like I have no time, there was more in the box. And suddenly I knew I had to fight the light saber battle again, and I was just avoiding it… Then I woke up.

Wow. Even I am impressed at this dream!!