Bicycle Strong Men

I did have some dream with Mr. C13, but for the life of me, I cannot remember it!

Right before I woke up, I was riding my bicycle in Phoenix, around ASU/Mill Street. I saw another man on a bike – he had big muscles, and may have been wearing an old-fashioned one piece bathing suit. He did have a small handlebar mustache…

In one hand, he carried a mallet – it looked like what the strong men at the circus would use to hit the high striker/strongman game. His whole appearance, and with the mallet, was so unusual, I slowed down to look at him. All of a sudden, a ball of some sort came flying through the air, and he hit it with the mallet. The ball then went down the street, to another person, also on a bike. This person was too far in the distance for me to really get a look at, but seemed to be female.The man closest to me shouted out something.

That was it!