Wisdom Work for 13 Jan 2020

“A Perspective Reboot; allowing yourself to change the way you look at how you approach life.”

What are some of the goals you have for this year? Choose one to try rebooting.

To reboot, 1st look at the Why’s. Is your goal or resolution what you truly want? Why are you setting the goal/resolution? What will you get that you believe you lack? Dig deep, let your heart’s desires be heard…try a stream of consciousness journaling.

Another way to reboot is look at your excuses and then stop making them. To deepen your inquiry even more, ask yourself why you don’t exercise or eat better or what ever it is? If you can identify the reason, you can shift the goal from more exercise to healing the underlying belief, then you will exercise because you truly want to.

How can you transform the way you allow “reasons” to override your desire for optimal health or other goals?

What a great time to go deep into feeling what your heart and gut want. Make your emotional and spiritual evolution a part of your goal setting. If you want to change your life, embrace the mindsets and habits that can be emotionally and spiritually elevated, so that you can live by your soul’s purpose.

I hope this will be a fun exploration into the smaller steps behind our goal setting. It seemed an answer to my prayer regarding our next step. Keep it simple. Love, Carol

  1. How do you approach life…and does it affect achieving your particular goal?
  2. Ask the Why questions. What are the underlying beliefs?
  3. How can you transform the way you allow reasons to override your desire for your goal?

One of my goals this year is to create some kind of art. Is your goal or resolution what you truly want? This is a needed part of me that I have been ignoring for a lot of my adult life. After my parents encouraged me to go to a traditional 4-year university as opposed to an art school – I did so. And then after one year – simply walked away from art. I wanted to make jewelry – and had been making jewelry in high school. My first year in college, I had to be in a drawing class 10 hours a week – and couldn’t draw worth a darn. Making me do something I was not good at – nor interested in, was not something that made me want to pursue art. Why are you setting the goal/resolution? I am setting this resolution because I have been feeling disconnected from this part of myself. What will you get that you believe you lack? I need art, color, more vibrancy in my feeling towards art. I also think that this need for creativity and color is a need for rebirth… Things have been so awful for the last year that I need to reshape myself and my life.

Look at your excuses and then stop making them: I have many excuses: not enough money… Not enough time…. not enough talent… not enough space. Well, with P & I both working – I have some money. I have some time with my new schedule. Space… That is still at a premium. With us remodeling and clearing items out of our house – this should open up some space. Talent. Harrummmph.Still don’t got that. BUT, I am willing to start. Needing to start creating. Just start getting some color on the page… So, how can I “transform the way I allow “reasons” to override my desire for the creation of art? I recently purchased canvas and paint. Silly as this sounds, I need to plot the time to do this. Literally plug this time into my calendar and then do it. **Just now, I put ART on my calendar for this Sunday.

I would like to start with painting. I really did love my watercolor class I took at the Art Institute of Chicago, and I was better at watercolor than I was at drawing. Plus – the Color. I’d like to find the “perfect colors” and get them down. I still read books about art, and lately, the reading makes ME want to “get that perfect color”… to express myself, to use my hands for something other than typing or cleaning or cooking.

I am also interested in jewelry making. Not beading, like everyone else. Not simply setting turquoise pieces and calling it jewelry. I would like to design – and then make my own pieces. I’d need a lot of equipment – and then I’d need the precious metals and stones. Just like anything – I need to do some research to find what I really need, and then make a list. Start slow.

There is a place in Durango to take classes. It is part of the Four Corners Gem & Mineral Club. (Class Page) To use the art studio, you simply join the club ($30), and then pay $4 each time you use the studio. This is probably where I need to start – join the club, take some classes, and then use the studio.

I still think that painting will be a good start for me… I want to make a lot of this art for myself. Not necessarily for others. I can always paint and then throw it away if I want to! With jewelry and metalsmithing, there is no way I could “throw something away”. I also would basically have to sell my pieces, and right now, I want to make art for art’s sake.

Update: 17 Jan – Just read this article. It talks about being creative – and not having to monetize your joy. Did this come to me at the right time, or what? I reread the above paragraph and look at where I said, “I also would basically have to sell my pieces…”. Duh, I can wear them! I wouldn’t have to sell them. Hmmmm. More to think about…

Update: 27 Jan – Realizing that simply sitting down and painting is not so “simple”, I did go ahead and joined the FC Gem and Mineral Club. I contacted the person teaching the next Intro to Metalsmithing: 3 Rings class and let her know I would like to register. The class is the last day of Feb and the 1st day of March.

Our call did not go as planned – Midge was sick, and the conference call number did not work! I have the new number, and we will resume on 27 Jan. We have some new questions to add to the above:

What do you get to change so that you can accomplish your goals? Taking little steps, and reaching for that higher goal. Right now e are remodeling, and we are living a day at a time with a lot of kitchen stuff in the dining room… and the sunroom. We are also fixing up the first basement room, and Mr. C13 will be taking that as his new bedroom. We are in process of taking everything out of that room, which entails also adding some of those things to the other two rooms. Basically, we are finally decluttering and organizing! I have already made one trip to the goodwill, and we have another load ready to go. We have picked out some paint colors, and I have picked up a few new pillows for his bed – as well as a brand new dresser. Jumping and and DOING it seems to be starting to work for me…

What is it your soul wants so you can shine like the diamond you are? I need art and music.

I’ve pulled out my keyboard – but the power cord was cut in two. I am now searching for a new power cord. I did also pull out my music, so I can start practicing. In the meantime, I have been listening to as much classical piano as I can.

Art – Art is coming up a lot for me. 2020’s Pantone color is Classic Blue – one of my favorite colors. I just finished reading a fiction book called, “The Masterpiece” by Fiona Davis, about a female artist in the late 20’s/early 30’s, that teaches classes in the Grand Central Terminal in NYC. All of these things are telling me that I NEED art in my life. See the above update about joining the Gem & Mineral Club – SO Excited! I will be taking my first class next month.

Question of my own: What is my word of the year? Transformation. I am ready to grab life and live it – right now. I feel that this new decade is giving me some inspiration, as well as a push. It’s now or never. I’ve started on a new health journey by going to the gym and trying the Purium 40-day reset (inspired by Dana Thompson). I am doing more things with my family and husband – sometimes planned, sometimes spontaneous… We adopted a new dog, Teddy. I am learning Italian and going to Italy in September! We are working on our house, and are planning for new flooring throughout, as well as finishing the kitchen. Now I am letting art and music back into my life and actively pursuing it. Io sono una farfalla – I am a butterfly – Transforming my life and my soul.