Underground Inca Tomb Discovery

Had a fantastic dream that while on vacation, I made an amazing historical discovery. I was on tour in Peru, visiting ancient Inca sites; Vilcabamba, Cusco, Maccu Piccu, Ollantaytambo.

2020.01.13 – Just found this unfinished post…. The dream was so vivid, that almost two months later, I can still see a lot of it in my mind.

Stone steps were found leading into the ground. Somehow we found out way to the bottom of the steps, and made it inside of a cave. Using flashlights, I started to explore “the cave”. When something started to reflect back at me, I shone the flashlight directly onto it and moved closer. It was a room completely faced with gold! The walls were 100% gold, and had inscriptions on them. There were more rooms, and I began to explore these as well. One was a stone room, and had plants growing in it – even though we were underground. Another room had miscellaneous pottery – none broken, all complete. Yet another room was filled with golden pieces.

Once outside, I remember feeling so excited to tell the world of this discovery, and to help Peruvians regain some of their lost culture.

Also outside, climbing to the top of the hill that held “the cave”, I could see a city/town in the distance. One of the buildings had a brightly painted school bus on the top, and was part of the building.