Old Stuff Coming Back, Old Friends, & a Beautiful Young Woman

I had two dreams last night. The first, I was getting together with both my parents, who had recently come back from a trip to IL. It was so good to see my Mom, although I do not remember any specific words that we spoke. They did tell me that a man from FAB that I used to work with (Rick? he was a shorter, very cute man, probably a little older than I was, looked a little like Michael J Fox) told them I still had some personal items in a deposit box. Maybe I’m thinking IRL of the passport I did leave there… Anyway, I thought these “things” were small, but they opened a door into a light and airy attic-type room. Slanted walls, light colored wood – not quite white, but light, unvarnished wood on the walls and floor. There were BOXES in this room! Some furniture! I briefly looked into some of the boxes and I found some old stuffed animals, I remember some pillow pets (which I never had IRL). Another box had some clothing spilling out – and I did remember owning some of these items from years ago.

The next dream, I met a young blonde woman, that was working at our local CD (an old job of mine). She had helped us with some outdoor project, and we spoke about that for a bit. We were at a gathering of some kind, with tables and chairs. After we spoke, she went over to another older couple.They were just starting a project, and she was pulling out maps, papers, and really diving in. It was wonderful to see her work – her passion and obvious love of people and the land. She was beautiful.


Two nights ago, I had a dream about Jennie F. I went to her house – which was really her parent’s house IRL. In fact, both of them were there. For some reason, Ed kept motioning with his hands, almost bowing, to lead me down to their TV room in the garden basement. I never went in there, so now I wonder why he wanted me to go there! Jan was wonderful and the perfect mom, like she always was. Jennie and I went up to her room, and there was wall art there, that had price tags. I think they were branch-like pieces of art, and then some other globular-shaped blue and white speckled material that resembled bird eggs, but they were all connected, not forming a true egg shape.Jennie and I had a wonderful talk. I miss her.I even saw Eric, and for some reason he was younger than I even remembered him even back then! He was walking though the house with his friends. When he saw me, his eyes got really big and round.