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What Happened this Week 2019.11.10

The football BlueJays win was phenomenal. It was a great game! (36-6) The team will be moving on to the 2nd round in the playoffs, and will play this next Saturday – ALSO a home game. I know it is helpful to the team to play with that home field advantage – especially with all the screaming and cheering parents, family, and friends in the stands. The school put out some bleachers on the opposite side of the field for the opposing team this week. Our side was completely filled – and our new bleachers have so many seats! The new sports complex is amazing and is was great to see all the people that came out to support our kids.

Turned out I didn’t have much time for baking like I had hoped. I did use some seasonal food in our regular cooking, ie. Brussels sprouts and acorn squash, and even made some roasted chickpeas. I was really hoping to make pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, just didn’t have spare time. I was busy this week! I will be making them, hopefully today or some night this week. I have a pumpkin ready to go to make my own pumpkin puree, so that is making an extra step for me in the process. Looking forward to canning the remaining pumpkin and also making some roasted pumpkin seeds!

It was a week of highs and some lows. The real low point was finding out a friend was diagnosed with cancer and has been told she has a year to live. I am meeting with her today, please send us both strength.

I met with another web designer in town, and she hired me for contract work at a great hourly rate. She is in a lull right now, through the holidays, which really works for me. So in 2020, I’ll have some more work and some more income. I am REALLY manifesting that trip to Italy!!

Speaking of the Italy trip, I also turned in my deposit this week. I have secured my spot and am working super hard to save the money for this amazing dream yoga vacation. Once you arrive in Italy (Rome), everything is all inclusive. Meals, day trips, transportation, yoga, the villa, etc. If I am really able to do this, I will extend the trip by a few days so that I can stay in Rome. I will be able to see the ancient sites I have so long dreamed of experiencing.

We purchased a new-to-us (very gently used) chair w/ottoman and sleeper sofa set. It was really needed in our sun room/tv room, and has been an amazing addition to our ‘relaxation’ life. P and I are thrilled to have finally bought something new for our home (it’s been a looooong while), and the boys are super excited about the bed that pulls out, and are already planning sleepovers. 🙂


Lastly, we are finally making progress on our high tunnel greenhouse. We hired someone that has experience building these, and we are helping him when we can to put it up. Over this summer, we have literally put the base poles in and had to take them out 4 times. 5th time is the charm!! Base poles in, and some hoops are actually up, too! We have 10 more to go, and then on to building the end panels. For the first time, we feel that THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!! We will have a greenhouse! We worked from dawn to dusk on this and another ranch project (pipeline & siderolls) . We have some body soreness, but boy, does it feel good.