Male Superhero…

I had a lab in an old stone house. It seemed the lab was possibly in a garden floor, half underground, half above ground. The rest of the stone house was a huge mansion, covered in ivy. The stone was old and pockmarked by time. The house rose straight up, an impressive structure, with casement windows, turrets, and archways. Leaves were on the ground, not many, so it could have been very early fall.

I think I had a partner in this science lab. I don’t remember exactly what kind of experiments we were doing, but as in all superhero movies, my partner must have tried a formula on himself. Possibly I did, too, as suddenly I was faster than usual. Not enough to feel like a superhero, but quick!

Then I was in an underground structure on the outskirts of a park; we were in a city. My partner was leading me on a wild goose chase after him. It was unnaturally cold; when I saw him, he was a large golem-like creature, white, slimy, yet cold. He made things cold around him; patches of frost would remain after he moved away. I followed him out to the early morning/dusk sky; we were in the park. I lost him there.

Then I was in a restaurant with my friends. I knew that I still had to chase my partner, but there was a celebration with my friends and I wanted to join them. We were in a darkish place, with lots of sleek and beautiful wood; possibly some stained glass.

I had to leave suddenly, as there was a disturbance downtown. I was on a fast moving car, with my laptop. I had to purchase superpowers! There was a huge, building-sized creature running amok in the city; I could see it smashing buildings. It had large crackly skin (almost like the boulder guy in Fantastic Four). I was on a site where I could purchase powers, but I couldn’t access the one that would make me as big as the bad guy. I had to get the smaller version, and again, felt like spiderman. The transaction worked! I changed from a fast young man into an even faster, spiderman like superhero. I went off to fight the bad guy.

Then I awoke before actually seeing any real battle.