School and Love

I was teaching in a school with small children. All of the teachers lived in the school, and I was in a dormitory style room with two other teachers. Our room was more of a loft looking over into the living area, with wooden railings similar to our Oak Spring Lane house. I had a king sized bed all to myself along the far wall, and the other two had smaller beds; between their beds was the door to the bathroom. I felt lucky to have the best living situation, maybe in the entire school.

There was some kind of event or festival going on at the school, and after a long day, I was looking forward to going back to my room for a shower – I hadn’t taken on yet that day. When I got to my room, J Fischer’s dad was there, and I saw him through the bathroom door with a robe on, about to get into the shower. Obviously, they were staying with us.

Suddenly, I was called to make a speech over the PA system to the Kindergarten class. I went down, a long ramp, around the edges of the building. There were random kids along the ramp, and candy wrappers on the floor. This speech was entirely impromptu; I had nothing prepared, and only the few moments it took me to walk did I have time to think about what I would say. I wish I could remember what I said, because it was good; very inspiring, hopefully to the kids, and also to all the teachers and parents present at the event.

The next part of the dream, I think I was still at this school. I ran into a person with which I had a teasing and flirting relationship with; nothing ever serious. I told him that I loved him and that we should take our relationship deeper and make a real commitment. He laughed and thought I was joking, teasing him as usual. When he realized I was serious, we hugged and cuddled and were suddenly by the oceanside, on a beach. The waves were softly lapping the shore, and a slight breeze mimicked the waves in the ocean grass along the sandy dunes. The sun softly came though the clouds, it was a perfect day in perfect weather. I could smell the salty, clean air. We sat there in one another’s arm in complete bliss. I awoke.