Freaky Friday and a Shop

The dream was more involved than I can remember now, unfortunately.

I was in a walk-in closet, trying on shoes. My Dad was Dominick Dunne, and my mother looked similar to a combination of Felicity Huffman and the woman on Crocodile Dundee. My Dad walked into the doorway of the closet and was talking to me, as if I were my Mother. Turns out, I was! It was a Freaky Friday situation, although I never saw my mother in my body; I just knew.

Then, I was myself, and working in a shop. It was always nighttime when I was there. The shop itself was more of a convenience store, and many people would come in just to grab a thing or two. There was a light hanging directly over my counter, with a string to turn it on and off. One wall, directly next to the counter, was open, so people could walk in – both in front of the counter, or behind.

There was a concrete floor where many feet had traveled. We must have been in a warm climate to never need a wall. I remember darkness all around, outside, except for the light over my counter, and then from subtle lighting around the products in the store. People would come in, get their item, and then talk for a while by me and the counter. It was a good life.

One night, a man came in and waved a gun at me. He was bald, with dark stubble on his head and chin. I was across the shop from the counter, moving product around. He went to the cash register and started taking all the money from it; saying that he needed it. People came in and were trying to dissuade him from any wrongdoing. He seemed desperate. He left.

Later, I heard that he had been shot and killed. Maybe he was trying to rescue a loved one from a bad situation and needed the money, but he was killed.