TJ’s Office and Spiderman

I went to visit TJ’s office (which I will be doing IRL on Thurs), and it was beautiful. Very large and open, metal, steel and ceramic tiles. Pendant lights hung from the ceilings over tables, which sat on terrazzo floors. Part of the office had been split into two, and someone else occupied the other part (which is also true IRL). Interesting dream.

The other part of the dream, I was sitting in a police car at night, with Buck (although he kind of resembled the brother on everybody loves raymond), and another officer – they were in the front. We were “working a case” together. The officer sitting in the passenger side got out of the car to take a look at something. I was telling Buck that I didn’t think this was a good idea – and suddenly I saw Spiderman’s face in the window behind Buck. Before I could say anything, a hole broke open in the roof of the car, and Buck was pulled upwards, straight out of the car! I awoke.