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Wisdom Work for 4 Nov 2019

From Midge: I was thinking a lot about the fact that we all have a knowing sense within us. Sometimes we successfully ignore it, but it is always there. I think the shares last night brought this to mind for me. I was reading one of my favorite authors, Toko-Pa Turner this morning and I thought what she had to say was really worth sharing and working on and playing with this week.

She speaks about the power of Sophia who says that there is a numinous power that emerges from a coherent, divine source and knows which way to go. It is that organizing intelligence that animates all life. It is the pattern maker that stitches together our dreams, and manifests in synchronicity and arises in our longing or desire in the body.

Sophia is an ancient Greek word that loosely translates into wisdom. Sophia is the inner knowing that gets clearer and stronger as we dismantle the old power structures but she is also the outer knowing that appears in the waking dream, in synchronicity and symbolic events in our lives. It is the knowing about fate and time, life and death cycles. It is the wisdom knower in us. It has been called the feminine manifestation of God in matter, the holy in nature.

As we enter this powerful season of change consider which way the energy of Sophia wants to move in your life. Let you inner wisdom, inner knowing, gently guide you this week. Notice what comes up.

Can you give a good death to that which is leaving you, that which no longer serves you? Name it. Let it go.

Can you at the same time trust in the as yet-unmanifest life that sparkles to you like starlight across time and space? Name it. Trust it.

When I started to read about Sophia, I found that the original usage referred to cleverness and “technical skill” in the arts and handicrafts, then went on after Plato to mean “intelligence and wisdom”.

From Sophia ends up being the giver of wisdom in so many forms: She is Shakti in Sanskrit, the powerful Hindu personification of feminine wisdom, and the personal and collective linking soul as atman, realized in the transcendent state of samadhi (Gnosis). She is the compassionate boddhisatva (Avalokiteshvara) in Buddhism, returning to light the path to nirvana (Gnosis); personified by the deity Guanyin. She is both Mother Mary, in her ascendant form, and Mary Magdalene, as the earthly companion of the Christ potential in Christian Gnosticism. In Jungian psychology, she is the unifying power (“individuation”) of both the feminine and masculine archetypes, anima and animus, and of the lower self of the psyche with the higher spiritual self (Gnosis).

So you see, Sophia really gets around; or as my late uncle (by marriage), the great Jungian psychologist and philosopher, James Hillman put it:

“She is the Sophia of wisdom, the Maria of compassion, the Persephone of destruction, compelling Necessity and Fate, and the Muse.”

I realized that I was trying to be too studious and attempting to name and understanding of Sophia – I already KNOW Sophia! What I need is to trust in Sophia

Give a good death to that which is leaving you: Lack of self-confidence and guilt from death and at being alive.

How I want to sparkle: Trusting my instincts and intuition and feeling things. Taking some time each day to do our wisdom work and other writing. Improving relationships and my spirituality and my creative being.Using my talents and love to the fullest.