Eyelashes, A Party, and A Conversation at the Grocery Store

Eyelashes! (They’ve been on my mind lately after using a disastrous mascara that made many of my eyelashes break off and disappear. I thought I was “getting old” and losing my lashes – C told me that it must be the product. I stopped using the mascara and started using another, and sure enough, they started to grow back to normal.) Last night, I dreamt that I put on mascara and suddenly my lashes were like an inch long! Wow! lol They were so long that when I blinked, they got caught in my eyelids. They felt ridiculous!!

At another point, I was at an outdoor party. It was a beautiful day, sunny, perfect temperature. People were all dressed in shades of pastel, and I remember green grass and flowers all over. It was entrancing.

Then, I was in a grocery store, talking with Library Charlene and Christina and Nick. Charlene was on a mission to find a place to stay in a distant town where she had an on-going class in which she would need a place to stay every week over a series of weeks. C & N came up, and I told them about Charlene’s need. They jumped right in and before we knew it, Charlene’s mission was solved. Pros and cons of different solutions were discussed. Then I awoke.