A Quest

This dream… The underlying sense was that I have had this dream before. But I do not ever remember having it!

I was on a quest, or a hunt for something. It was a challenge given to me by unknown forces; yet nothing was mystical, it all seemed very practical… yet, was it almost a ritual? Had I done it before?

At one point, I visited a beautiful inner-city courtyard. It was long and narrow, with brick buildings rising up on either side. Direct light was not shining in from anywhere, yet the courtyard was perfectly illuminated. Greenery of some sort broke up the barrenness. A black desk chair was right in front of me, and, as part of the quest, I had to sit in it, and push myself backwards through the length of the courtyard. Once I reached the other side, an old man appeared, took my hand, and helped me up from the chair. He gestured to a door that was now in front of me.

Suddenly, I was in an office building. I was sitting on a sculpture of a horse(?). The top person in the company came in to speak with me. He may have been the one that sent me on this quest. I truly felt as if I knew this man, yet awake, I do not believe I have ever seen him before – in person or in film. His voice was deep, and… had a special timbre to it. He was tall, a large man, yet there was no softness about him in his physique. His hair was dark, his eyes were light; he was bearded. As I write this, it is almost painful not to know who he is. I know him! I can hear his laughter! What we spoke of, I do not remember, yet I know it was good. I was congratulated – for completing the quest? I felt a need for his praise, yet it did not make me entirely comfortable. Could I trust him? An assistant of his called to him; my time with him was up, and he needed to continue on with his day.

I went down the stairs (escalator?), lots of glass and chrome, black floors. Splashes of red. Dim lighting. As I walked towards the front of the building, corporate workers were all around me. I was not dressed in the corporate dress-code, and I heard one person say, “I cannot believe you are wearing a knit top!”. I laughed, as I had just had a wonderful meeting with the CEO.

When I went outside, it was dark. There were market stalls all round, some with candlelight, some with neon. I bumped into Jake, who was waiting for me! We talked for a while to catch up on each other’s day, and began to walk home. I awoke.