Bathroom Remodel Gone Bad

I moved with my family to a new home. It was a cute two story home, probably built around the 1940’s, and some work needed to be done. We decided to start with the upstairs bathroom.

While I was at the house with the kids and the construction workers, P went to get a new bathtub. I guess we were also remodeling the downstairs dining room – because now I am remembering that the whole side of the house was down to just the studs. I was wandering through one of the rooms, and found an item from a previous owner of the house – the name said SamDen (the man who J & I found his dog in Cortez). I took and and made a note to return this item to Sam.

One of the construction ladies came to me and said,”there is no way I’d put that bathtub in my house!”. The other workers also said that it didn’t fit the opening they had cut in the floor. (What?!? lol). I went upstairs to find the nastiest bathtub I had ever seen! It was old and dirty, and had two steps on the inside to get into it. They were covered with that old gross sandpaper stuff that you’d sometimes find in old tubs, but this was even grainier and also blue!

I told everyone to get that thing out of the house. We were back at square one to find a new tub.