Successful Farm Party

Last night’s dream was pretty sketchy to remember in the morning. I have a general sense that we were throwing a farm party (maybe similar to the community barn raising party that *didn’t* happen in real life?). Cindy W from oleusda came to our house two times, possibly to help us plan. Neither time did she look me in the face. I was hurt as I hadn’t seen her in months, and also, what did I ever do to her?

Tons of people came to the party. We were mostly outdoors, and it seemed to take place in an opening in the forest, like on an old cleared gas line.

Towards the end of the party, Cindy came up to me and was talking to me like we were old friends. I remember feeling, ‘oh, now she’s talking to me, since we’re having a successful party?’. It was a great talk, but frustrating at the same time because of her earlier shunning of me.

Then, I realized we had been forgetting to take photos! Documentation! Social posting! I needed to show the world how successful the gathering was, and already half the people were gone. I started to take some pictures and then woke up.