A Day in the Slammer…

While on a trip with friends, driving through a small town in Wisconsin, we got pulled over, and ended up at the police station for questioning.

We all brought things with us into the station to help pass the time; nearly all of us brought books. I also brought along a bag of loose-leaf tea from Fahrenheit Coffee Roasters, in hopes of a cuppa.

It was a nice place, as far as police stations go, large, big windows, busy, but not too raucous… in fact, it almost seemed like a library.

We were almost ready to be released when one of the officers inquired about my bag of tea.Suddenly, the tea turned into marijuana! “It’s legal in Colorado, what is the law in Wisconsin?” I remember thinking. The officer suddenly had to “collect a personal effect” from all of us “for testing purposes”. Books were taken from the others, from me – my bag of “tea”.

“Am I going to have to spend the night in the slammer?” I asked a friend. “Yep.”, she replied.

As I was quaking in my shoes, Katie R. said, “Let’s go to the bathroom, trust me!”. We went into the bathroom and entered different stalls. I heard Katie hyperventilating and thought that’s what I should be doing! She came out of her stall as I did, and katie was SO small! She looked like a 6 year-old! As we left the bathroom, she grabbed my hand and called me “mommy”. I was freaking out, yet laughing at the same time.

One of the other officers came to release all my friends. I was about to say goodbye, when she noticed my “little katie” daughter. I was released along with everyone,

I bet those officers were pretty surprised when they had a test smoke of my “Peach Blossom White Tea”…! lol