A Lion in the House!

We had a huge house; a lot of family and friends were staying with us. The kids seemed to be smaller, all age 10 or younger, even mine.

We had a lot of activities going on, I do not remember a lot of details, it was a jumble. At one point, I was looking across the house, and could see into the laundry room. Someone opened the door to the drier, and a VERY angry lion poked his head out and roared! They slammed the door. There were some children around me, and I said to the nearest adult, get the lion out! and closed the door so that I could stay and protect the kids.

Next thing I know, I was talking to Christina, and she was organizing some event. I was sad at first that we couldn’t make it the next evening, then I remembered we had all the family staying with us. We had babysitters! I exclaimed, We can go out!