View of C City and the Big D

Had two dreams last night…

The first, I met Danielle at a new restaurant in M Town. We were in hilly country – less like M Town, more like Tuscany. I remarked that we could see C City from the balcony of the restaurant. It was a beautiful view I could see individual buildings and recognized the town. Of course, in real life, you cannot see C City from M Town! (note: was this because of Charlotte bringing in the Tuscany Yoga Retreat flyer that day?)

After getting our meal, D and I began talking. For some reason, she thought I was mad at her! (note: was this because I asked CBL if R was mad I was working there? Loved her response that I must have PTSD from my last position to even think that!) D and I hugged and cried. All was well.

The next dream, I came into my house (not real life house), and found out that we were having a party. It was made up mostly of P’s co-workers. He was happy and laughing (as he has NOT been recently), and I realized I just couldn’t. Not even a week after P told me in real life that he wanted a D, I told him in my dream that I wanted one. I just couldn’t deal with these up and downs of his anymore. I remember moving my hand and arm up and down as I said the words. Don’t think I’ve ever had a dream quite like that.