Ford Towed…

P and I were on our way to Mike’s apartment. P went to park our old red Ford (Optimus Red Rocket), and I went up to the second floor. I spoke with Mike, and P was taking so long! We leaned over the front balcony and could see him in the car by the parking lot lights.

I remember being in a room that was a kind of communal kitchen with some women. We were talking about the fridge and how old it was. (note: something to do with D & L new fridge blowing up and burning part of their house?) These women were nice, but a little white trashy.

I woke in the morning, and P was still not there! I called him and he said that as he was coming up, the police came with a tow truck and started towing our car. It was in a normal space, so we couldn’t figure out why it was towed. P went with the tow truck guy to get our car back. He picked me up and I remember driving through a parking garage to leave.