Immortals and a Trip to a Friend’s Home

Last night was such a smattering of dreams; nothing was contiguous… or was it?

There was the time that I was taken into an underground lair; down an elevator, then led through rich rooms; with the lighting, it was not obvious that we were underground, except that there were no windows. I was left in a room, and saw people on a large sofa, almost as if an immortal lord was larger than the humans. They were having fun, but seemed scared at the same time. This immortal I never actually met; the humans told me about him, and, I saw an image of some kind in a hallway. It depicted a black man dripping with gold; he had sunglasses on.

In another part of the dream, I was at what seemed like a parent teacher conference; a tall teacher with almost milli vanilli hair called my name; it was my time to confer. As we left the main room, he grabbed my hand, around my wrist. It hurt, but not badly; I used my other hand to try and pry his fingers away as we entered a hallway. He let go of my hand once we were alone. It was if he needed to tell me something confidential, and suddenly this was NOT a P/T conference, but something more sinister. He said something about a genetic modification or nano technology he had; I likened it to my robot ears. I cannot remember what he told me, only that it was something that I urgently needed to know. By the end of our meeting I wanted to apologize for pulling my hand away when he grabbed it. Did he charm/glamour me? Or was he on my side?

It may have been at this same conference; I ran into Emily, Genevieve, and another friend. We walked down a long hallway, and went into the bathroom. We began chatting, it was friendly. When we were alone, someone relayed information that not all it seemed to be at the event. We were surrounded by workers that were up to no good. When we came out of the bathroom, there were construction-type tools in boxes linking the hall; we grabbed things like small spades, apparently to seem like a worker, but in reality, to defend ourselves. When we came to the main room, it was a huge ballroom with the big round tables. Most of the tables had started to empty out; but two or three towards the rear were still full, and buzzing with activity, talk, laughter. Specifically, there was one man that we were concerned about that hadn’t left yet. We dropped the defensive tools and knew that we needed to act as if we didn’t know anything.

In another scene, I was in a helicopter; whether this was part of the story that the “teacher” or one of my friends in the last paragraph had told me, or if I was really part of this story, I do not know. I do know that in the helicopter, I was a male immortal. It was almost as if I were a Goldfinger, with a collection of sinister men that I was whisking away to my secret compound. As I was telling them of my plan; someone in the group recognized me for who I really was, and started to leak the information to the others. In a rage, I whipped out a machine gun, and shot everyone in the helicopter. Of course, after that we crashed to the ground. I walked away from the wreckage. I may have driven away in a car. Or, I may have started to walk through the woods…

I was walking through the woods; it must have been early spring – it was warm and sunny, no leaves on the trees, nor on the ground. I met Kaelan in the forest. We began talking, and she mentioned that her home was not too far away and invited me for a visit. As we came to the clearing where the home was located, her husband and children were working on clearing fallen tree limbs from the ground, pruning some wayward branches, general spring cleaning. Her home was multi-peaked with many windows, surfaced in naturally weathered wood. We sat in the backyard under an arbor. She brought out refreshments and we talked and talked. After a while, the visit was over and I returned to the woods.