Mom, Teeth, A Visit, and JR & Kitty

Last night I had 4 dreams….

In the first, I was in my kitchen on B Ave. It was dark, and something was wrong with the ceiling fan Part of the blades were hanging down low, some in the usual place. I felt stuck, yet I was trying to get to the switch to turn it off. I must have made it out, into the dining room. Then Mom and Dad knocked at the front door and came in, Mom first. She came in and hung her jacket on a dining room chair, and set her purse on the table. I was so happy to see her; her face was full of joy. All was normal. I moved towards her, to give her a hug; but before I reached her, I woke up.

I couldn’t fall back asleep for a long time, listened to R. Carlos Nakai Canyon Trilogy with earphones. Suddenly I thought I heard barking, and sure enough, Calypso was outside. I let her in and saw that the time was 1:31 am.


The next dream, Perry and I were travelling with the boys. We settled into a hotel room; I remember several single beds for the boys. Then Perry and I went out with a friend. She looked similar to Stephanie and Melissa U from high school, but really was neither. There was A LOT going on in this dream that I do not remember, but i do remember feeling a sense of unease throughout.We had to switch hotel rooms a few times, to different hotels. Somewhere along the line, P & I didn’t have the boys with us anymore. We were still out with our friend. At one point, we got our food delivered to our table, and it looked simply disgusting. Some kind of massive eggs prepared in different ways. I remember feeling a bit sick, along with the unease. It was around this time that the retainer I wear at night suddenly broke into a million pieces, in my mouth. I had to spit out the pieces.

We finally made it back to our hotel room; of course it was a different one, had never seen this one before. There were multiple rooms, almost like it was an airbnb. Things were dirty. Lots of clutter around. I remember getting my hands and forearms slightly sticky with something. Suddenly there were people there! Several people were in this place already, that we had been given. It was a madhouse. I do not remember them being particularly angry, we were all confused. I was separated from Perry.

Next thing I knew, I was getting into our old red Ford. I was in a large parking lot, and it was dark. There were not many other cars in the lot. I was in reverse, and the car would not stop. I hit a short concrete wall, pretty hard. I moved forward and was somehow in a lane for a car wash. It felt like my retainer had broken again; but this time, it was my teeth! Apparently the crash had broken many molars out of my mouth. I got out of the car, and was spitting teeth into my hands, trying to save them.

A woman walked by, looked similar to Annette Benning. She tried to care for me. Apparently I had also gotten a black eye in the crash, as she asked how I got the bad shiner. I began telling her of the accident, and maybe even the rest of the adventures I had experienced, and then I woke up.


The next dream, Perry and I were visiting Matt and Linda. They had moved to another town/state/place… Alma was also there. It was daylight. We hung out for a while, and Alma left to get in her truck to drive back home. I went upstairs in the house for something; I remember a lot of old fashioned windows, almost like a summer porch had been windowed in. I could see Alma drive off from the curb. Linda came upstairs and asked why I didn’t say goodbye to Alma. I replied to L that I would see Alma tomorrow.


Mr. JR and I were together. It was daylight. We were going to some kind of non-traditional amusement park. The large building(s) looked like a castle, and the theme were knights and princesses. We had a young cat with us that we had to protect. We were going through lines, trying to make it to the place where we got to dress up for the day. There were broken pathways, almost like we were underneath railroad trestles. At several points along the way, we had to jump a pretty fair distance to make it to the other side of broken pathways. The cat would jump alone, and we were so scared something bad would happen to the cat. I think it injured its’ paw once or twice. Most of the time JR carried the young cat. There may have been some blood on its’ front paw. I think we made it to our destination, and then that was all I remember.